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    deck framing not displaying

    Hello everyone, i have created an automatic hexagonal deck and another custom deck. With automatic framing checked, the framing is not generated apart from planking and railing. What could be the issue? Thank you.
  2. ChrisWamahiu

    Import/Export Question

    All said and done, otherwise, CA beats all other cad based platforms for any residential and light to medium commercial building design.. Would like to see them introduce that IFC compatibility to enhance on their BIM
  3. ChrisWamahiu

    Import/Export Question

    Wwoody. The problem I believe is, chief does not yet support IFC model format. I am also very interested in something that would work because here in Kenya archicad has the biggest crowd and even most employers prefer the raw file in .pln format. If something could be done so that individual 3D layers and pieces are imported and exported in CA, that would be very helpful as I tend to lean more towards CA but the workflow between myself, my colleagues and other consultants is impossible. I have introduced many people to CA, I can attest to you that everybody liked it very much, especially on how easy it is to use, but all had one question they asked, "how compatible is it with Archicad and Revit?"