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  1. Scott: This is where I started when the issue arose, but the tutorial does not address the issue. Perry: I had tried that, but by itself the result was the same. Gary: That was the approach needed... deleting the cabinet countertop and using the custom top only... I also had to insert the sink as a freestanding item to get it to work correctly. Gents, thank you for your input.
  2. I've followed all the examples I can find here for how to inset an apron sink, but none of them seem to address the issue I'm having. When placing an apron sink I get an artifact of the countertop edge that I can't get rid of. Any suggestions?
  3. A search is my first move ("search is your friend"), but sometimes the results are anything but a match, even if a match exists. Your link provided just what I needed... thank you.
  4. After upgrading to x15 and importing all my existing x14 Library's I noted 4 library's where listed with no content (Beams, Wall Types, Kohler®, Wilsonart®). On checking it says "The Catalog Could Not Be Found On The Server". In the Library browsers it shows the items as being "online" and asks to download... after the download and install I get a message "The Library Import has completed successfully. No items were successfully imported. Duplicates, and items from incomparable versions will not be imported." If I go directly to the x15 catalog online and download it, I still get the same result. Suggestions?
  5. I'm also experiencing ,mouse/selection issues... you can't just click on an item to select it, you have to click and hold for a second or two for the item to be selected. Immediately after upgrading to x15 the mouse was freezing for periods of up to 15sec, but after several reboots only seems to have the selection delay now.
  6. When you place a cabinet as a blind corner, CA automatically adjusts the filler and door size for the exposed portion of the cabinet. The filler is 2" wide... we typically work with 3" fillers to make sure there is clearance on the adjoining cabinet hardware. How can this default be changed?, as having to add a vertical blank each time is getting old. Thank you for any suggestions.
  7. Thank you one and all. Cambria® must have my office bugged ;-)
  8. Who's responsible for trying to keep the Manufacturer Catalogs up to date? Does CA periodically prompt the manufacture for updates, or is on the manufacturer to supply updates as they see fit? Beyond the initial cost to manufactures to be included in CA, is there a cost for updates that might dissuade them from doing so? The classic example for us is Cambria®... they have added and changed their offerings over the years (as I'm sure most manufacturers do) and there hasn't been a catalog update to reflect this. I'm not expecting a live update, but something on an annual basis to keep the catalog useful would be nice. We spend a lot of time browsing catalogs trying to find something close to represent a specific material... life would be so much easier if the manufacturer catalog was up to date. Is there anything we (as users) can do to help drive this?
  9. I did copy in place/convert to molding, but I do like the countertop idea. Thank you again, one and all.
  10. Excellent... thank you gents. Next is to apply a molding to the perimeter (for header bricks)... can this be done to the polysolid, or do I have to duplicate the original polyline and convert it to a molding line?
  11. I can draw the outline of the shape I want (half pear for want of a better description) with Draw Arc and Lines, but I can't get the shape with a polysolid. How can I convert these lines to a polysolid, or how do I alternatively achieve an irregular shaped patio that I can apply pavers to?
  12. I used to do a library search for "undermount" to find sinks, but recently the penny dropped... if I search "under-mount" there's a whole lot more to choose from.
  13. Thank you for the guidance. As a note for others that may follow; when editing the block, be sure to change the layer and group properties as needed. Even though the initial block was electrical, the new block becomes default (which is not electrical), so the layer and symbol color is not correct.
  14. How do I edit or update the CAT5/TV wiring symbol to CAT6/TV as the standards change?
  15. Dermot, thanks for the swift reply. Both "Show line weights" and "print preview" did the trick (showing how it actually prints). I then edited the Line Style to get something acceptable to print. It seems a little clumsy (archaic even) not having it print as it displays. If you print to 1/4 scale, why would the Line Style not be 1/4 of its designed size. My Line Style has a repeat length of 3/8", and is 1/8" at its highest... one would expect 176 repeats on a 66" line, but I get ~3½ repeats.
  16. When I print or PDF a layout page, the Line Style is not scaled has it shows on the Plan or Layout (see attached). How do I rectify this? TiA,
  17. That was it... I set all the printer margins to "0" and it prints fine... what was there came from Populate from Printer. I still have to have it as Fit to Page 90% to get all the title block to print. Thanks for the input. Your time is appreciated.
  18. Files attached... these are my first dabblings with CA. P1707003.Jerry_Whitlock.plan 2150 N Ocean.layout
  19. My layout sheets are set to Arch D... I have all views updated. For a quick review printout I'm sending the layout to a Letter size printer, with scale to fit at 85% (otherwise the title block is cut off). The problem I'm having is, there are voids (blank sections) within some of the layout boxes, and some of the cropped areas show through. Attached you will see a screenshot of the CA layout, and a picture of the printout. Note the print errors; Plan view - void in middle, bottom crop walls show through, RH crop dimension show through. Cabinet Schedule - RH crop text show through. Title Block - Logo not showing. Any guidance would be appreciated. TiA,
  20. Mark, If I had the door opening just short of the wall step, the rendering is correct, but part of the 4½" wall shows at the opening (a jog in the base). If the door is tight to the wall step, there is no 4½" wall showing (base is straight), but the drywall is missing on the end of the 9" wall beyond the 4½" wall. It looks like your mock up is two 4½" walls together, whereas mine is a single thick wall. This is likely where my error is, as the is wall will be 2x4½" or block. I try reworking it and see later (no time now), then report back. Thanks again for the input.
  21. See [Edit] above (you posted as I edited).
  22. That didn't help :-( [Edit] I fixed it by drawing a 4½" wall across the end of the 9" wall.
  23. I have a wall that steps in thickness from 9" to 4½", with a door opening at the step. How do I clad the end of the step in the wall? (see attached) TiA,
  24. I did have the kneewall set to 34½". Should I have tried 34¼"? The job is done with Custom Countertops now... took a bit to workout to add breaks so the shapes could be manipulated properly.
  25. How do you get the countertop to extend beyond the back of the cabinet to cover the kneewall and overhang at the seating area? I have the backsplash at 0, I unchecked "Uniform" for overhang, and set the back overhang to 16"... yet the back overhang does not show. How do I achieve countertop overhang? TiA,