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  1. We are looking to hire a drafter/designer. Currently, we design and engineer 90% of our projects. The work consists of mostly residential renovations. The work can be completed remotely if needed. Hoping to find someone local to the Anna Maria Island Area / Bradenton / Sarasota area. We have plenty of work to give to someone. Remote work may work however local is desired.
  2. From what I found out you have to enter the dimensions manually but it shows up on the schedule! Only 8 windows to do so not that much extra work, thanks!
  3. I am using X10, let me give that a try, looks like that might work!
  4. Is it possible to show both height dimensions on a window schedule for a tapered window? It seems to just show the largest dimension in height.
  5. I have been noticing a lag in dbx as well with x10 upgrade which makes editing cabinets and doors painful.