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  1. DBR_Builders

    Newel at opening in solid railing

    Adding a roof and landscape wall over an existing patio and attempting to create an opening in the wall but not have any newel posts show at the openings. Using a solid railing specification with a 24" height. I have tried to remove the jambs in the doorway, but that does not work. The railing is set to post to beam. What is the best way to do this? Zeller Porch Roof Chief Talk.pdf
  2. DBR_Builders

    Internet Connection and Chief

    I have the same issue which just started since I switched to Hughes.net. I did not get this message when connected to Frontier DSL. I have the computer connected to to router via a wired connection, and still get the message. Any ideas on why this is happening? Snipping Tool Print Job.pdf
  3. DBR_Builders

    Second floor offset from first floor?

    Cleaned up my attempts at fixing the issue (invisible walls, ceiling planes) and used Solver's fix to create the new roof over the deck and it works fine now. Thanks to all for your assistance.
  4. DBR_Builders

    Second floor offset from first floor?

    The plan is now attached - I'm not sure if some of you understood the question. The second floor of the house extends 20" - 24" past the first floor walls. All of the walls are in the correct location in the plan. I am trying to give the second floor a room definition so I can add the roof over the deck on the first floor and set the correct ceiling height. I do have a general understanding of how rooms work, but have never had to draw something like this, and can not find anything in the Chief knowledge base regarding this. Not sure what you mean by cantilever each wall. Thanks for any assistance! Shaeffer deck roof addition 15.11.12.plan
  5. I have an existing house where the second floor is wider than the first floor (see attached drawing). How do I get a room definition for the second floor? I tried using a 0 pitch roof plane between the floors and that allowed me to set a room definition for the 2nd floor. But now it will not allow me to change the ceiling heights on either floor and gives me the message "Ceiling values may not be changed as the floor above this room has varying heights". The roof over the deck is the addition and I can't set the correct ceiling height without fixing the other issue. Thank you! existing house sketch.pdf Offset floor issue.pdf
  6. DBR_Builders

    Plan Material Locator

    We have the same issue - it would be nice if there was a way to seach for a material to see where it is being used and change / edit / delete it. I have a older plan that I have gone through with a fine tooth comb and still can't find the missing material.