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    X9 3d viewer ?

    Any way to change that cloud link. I've managed to make it smaller by editing to javascript, but I'd prefer something more generic that could put in a pulldown list.
  2. Bobert

    Live 3D Viewer

    Another thing that would nice is if I could just update a model so I don't have to change the link on my webpage every time I make a change.
  3. Bobert

    How to suppress first and last newel post?

    Nice technique. Doesn't quite solve my problem.
  4. I often use a open rail set to Post to Beam for porches. When that rail intersects a wall I'd like to suppress newel post. I can't seem to find a setting to do that. Is there a work around?
  5. I'm having a problem importing windows created in autocad from 3dsolids. Everything seems to work correctly but the symbol is not being placed in the wall, but to the exterior of the wall. Has anyone else experienced this behavior?