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  1. jivekore

    3D printing

    Sounds about the same as my experience. I used MeshMixer to fix the shells, but then it erases all the doors and windows!! Makerware will only work with Makerbot (you may be able to use it in a pinch if the build area of your printer matches a makerbot model). I am using a Hyrel 3D System 30, which is a more expensive "prosumer" unit ($4500+/-) - this is at my day job though. I have a less expensive 3d printer on order for the house ($350). For anyone who's interested there are several 3d printers in the sub $1000 range (& even a few around $500) that will provide decent prints. They will require a higher learning curve than the more expensive models.
  2. jivekore

    Laser Distance Measurer

    The 330 sounds like a nice unit, it is the cheapest Disto with both Bluetooth and Auto-Leveling. I suggested the 7100 becaue the OP mentioned a sub $200 pricepoint. The e7400 ($280 msrp) is the cheapest disto with auto-leveling (but no bluetooth). I have a Hilti PD28 (that cost way too much new!) which is still in great condition.
  3. jivekore

    Laser Distance Measurer

    if you haven't purchased a device yet, you may want to look at the leica disto e7100i ($150 msrp) it integrates into an App leica released the disto sketch app for android and apple devices (free) seems interesting...but isn't available until June 10 though. http://www.appraiserslaser.com/disto-e7100i.html
  4. jivekore

    Nvidia GTX 580

    check to see if other programs list the intel gpu or if it's just X1. you may need to get into the bios of the laptop at startup, the bios may also be telling the laptop to use the intel gpu instead of discrete gpu altogether. also in the bios check to see if "Optimus" is enabled. That may not be the exact name. This is a feature of nvidia gpu's that will default to the onboard gpu instead of the discrete gpu when not needed. it is meant to save power. I always disable it because it never fails to get in the way. you may be able to disable it in the nvidia control panel as well. the other option is to go into the device manager and look under display adapter. if the optimus feature is enabled you will see 2 cards listed, the intel/default and the nvidia card. (after you check the bios) you can right-click the intel adapter and disable it. it's possible an older program may not know how to handle that feature. finally, i have had real problems actually removing AMD drivers from workstations/laptops over the last 3-4 years. try using driver fusion (after v1.2 you may have to pay but it used to be free) IN SAFE MODE to search for and remove AMD display drivers (check to see if other drivers are installed and using these folders first before proceeding) then in safe mode, find any AMD/ATI folders in the c:\ and \PROGRAM FILES and \PROGRAM FILES x86 and \PROGRAM DATA and %TEMP% (type that into the windows address bar). AND delete them. i would also install piriform ccleaner, have it check for registry problems, and fix them. I second the others thoughts on the driver version. I usually have to find the "just right" version, which is not always the latest.
  5. jivekore

    3D printing

    I'm a long time CA user and was wondering if anyone has tried to 3D print a model? The stl export from CA x6 is pretty ugly for that purpose. I'm sure I can find a way, but I'm hoping to save myself alot of time. Thanks Dave