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  1. Hi jivekore, Did do all of that and thanks for the advice. I have configured that the Nvidia is the default driver and still has not changed the X1 situation. I will save up and get the X6 or maybe X7 when I can afford it
  2. Hi kbird, will check it out and see what I can do. Thanks for your input
  3. Hi Kbird, I had a look for the multiple cpus and it's not in the preferences/general - Must be in another version of CA - unless it's in another area? I have put the NVidia driver to use threaded optimisations
  4. Hi All, I've worked out a work-a-round - I can put together a design and when I want to view it with the best 3D graphics I use the 2014 home designer - I will do this until I up-grade to X6 Thanks to all for your input on this issue By the way, I did have the AMD 9900 card until Dell changed it to the Nvidia and it was perfect with the AMD?? X6 here I come - sooner than later Regards Mike Summers
  5. Hi Kbird, you are correct mine is in mm. I unchecked the "keep all surfaces" but alas it still is slow when I say slow, it's when you use your mouse and their is a delay - Not in any of the newer versions - At the end of the day, it still works, but not as smooth
  6. Hi Drawzilla, it only lets me change them to 150 and the quality is slightly worse but still does not speed up the 3D viewing - Must be a conflict with X1 as its ok in newer versions - I may have to invest in X6 sometime - Thanks for all your help
  7. c :Hi guys, in my X1 it is different in the preferences as:
  8. I can't see where to make the edges zero in X1 - Can you let me know where to do it - I did check in preferences but it's not there?
  9. On this, I did change it to show that it now runs on the NVidia and it's still slow on the 3d part
  10. I tried that, but it still doesn't change anything - It works OK in Home Designer 2014 (when you go to the 3D part and move the house it's smooth, but not in the X1) In home designer it also says the same for the driver of intel 3000, so maybe there is another setting somewhere that needs to be changed?
  11. I just re-installed CA X1 and it still is very slow on the 3D viewing - Back to the drawing board
  12. Another thought I had was the following: I used driver sweeper to removed all aspects of the AMD and then reloaded the Nvidia - Same problems existed. Should I have also re-loaded CA X1 let me know your thoughts ...
  13. Hi, when I checked the preferences and then render it says the following: openGLdriver status Intel OpenGLvender Intel OpenGL Renderer Intel® HD graphics 3000 It doesn't say anything about my Nvidia GTX 580 Could this be the problem? If so, does anyone know how I can change it
  14. I'm running windows 7 ultimate at present
  15. Thanks for that, will have a look