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  1. It will be a porch with concrete slab floor. I do not want exposed trusses, but want the gable filled in. How can I create an enclosed gable without walls, since it will be an open porch?
  2. How can I enclose the roof overhang so the beams/trusses aren’t exposed when walking outside from French doors? In the picture I colored in red where I’m trying to not have an open overhang. The overhang is 8’, and I will have structural posts to hold up overhang.
  3. after closing the box it defaults back to the cream color, even though the cushion material is listed as the fabric I want to use in the specification
  4. Its Chief Core Catalog, the Marina Loveseat
  5. I would like to change the fabric to African Mud Cloth teal, and as you can see in the 'Furniture Specification Box' the fabric I want to use is applied, but when I hit 'okay' to close the box it doesn't apply the fabric to the sofa seat, but when I reopen the box again it shows the fabric I want listed as the current material. Can anyone help with this issue?
  6. Soon as I added the roof, all but 2 or 3 walls disappeared, taking the roof to the terrain. I checked the ceiling height again to see if its at 0", and its set at 120". I've attached the file. would you mind taking a look? Backyard Design.plan
  7. It was set to 0", thank you for the advice. Have never had ceiling height set at 0" when building out rooms.
  8. The walls still aren't appearing, only the foundation
  9. My exterior walls aren't showing up in camera perspective. I checked the display options, and the wall layers are checked. Please help. This hasn't happened to me before.
  10. I'm trying to figure out to how to add custom punch outs in the exterior walls as shown above the garage and the cupola/bird house in the attached picture. I tried using the polyline solids but wouldn't let me input as a negative depth. How can I do this?
  11. Is there a way to take this arc and replicate it for the remaining 3 corners so that its the same measurements at each corner?
  12. How can I drop the foundation slab in my attached garage by 6" from the main house? All of the walls are already up in the plans....
  13. Like this? Can you explain in more detail how to achieve the bullnose edge on interior doors with the polyline molding? I'm very new with trying to customize. As you can see in my attachments, I'm trying to create a 6-1/2' long arched hallway with bullnose edging. Aside from not knowing the bullnose edge, I also don't know how to create the arch hallway...