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  1. Can someone explain the process for selling a set of plans out of state that might require an architect to stamp off on it? Is that my responsibility or the buyers? I live in Oklahoma and they dont require an architect signature under 2 stories. So thats what I'm familiar with.
  2. Can I get some opinions on the best method to add up square footage 4 different situations like, veneer or under roof.
  3. When I selected the floor Supplied by Foundation below and monolithic slab on the floor above specification. My Auto Foundation rebuild corrected the model and kept the piers. It worked just like you suggested so everything's good now thank you so much
  4. From that point What's the best way to form your piers to go underneath the foundation/beam wall
  5. I'm trying to get my foundation slab to generate this brick ledge in the picture below.
  6. I'm wanting to know how to construct it. When generating a foundation how do you create the brick pocket or brick ledge for the brick to sit on.
  7. How do you create a brick ledge on a pier @ beam foundation? Also how do you create the slab at top of beam?​
  8. I'm using the technical illustration for my exterior elevation views. Only about half of the siding is showing up in the view. can anyone tell me why? Do most of you guys use cross section vector view for exterior elevation
  9. Thanks for posting the information and the videos on the annosets that clarified things a ton. I went in and set up my own annosets that referenced my layer sets and created my own text scale for the scale I was looking to print at. I was humbled quite a bit by the video Annosets for dummies. Lol Thanks again guys
  10. Is there a way to set your text and dimension height to annotate? so no matter what scale your printing at your printed text height and dimension height stays the same. I've worked with AutoCAD quite a bit and that's a nice feature it has
  11. I'm wanting that dimension for the backhoe to dig the footing. That way they can run stakes for the center of the footing. This is for my foundation.
  12. Yeah I tried both of those settings it still did not Dimension to the center exterior wall. I just manually Drew cad lines in and centered them in on the footing and dimensioned to those. If you guys know of a simpler way please let me know
  13. How do you set the default exterior Dimension to Centerline? There's an option under locate objects to set it to interior wall Center. I'm trying to Dimension to the center of my exterior footing. Any suggestions
  14. Thanks, I'll check it out in the morning.