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  1. Unbelievable! No one I have consulted including the Apple People know how to get the keypad part of the Magic Keyboard to enter the digits as displayed. Setting up my new passwords was a disaster because all passwords have to include a digit. I had no idea the keypad was not working as displayed, so I created a lot of incorrect passwords. I have been using my PC, with a standard keyboard for almost 20 years and had no idea the keypad part of an apple keyboard would not work the same way. I need to get a new PC system, and get rid of this quirky rotten apple, unless this problem can be resolved.
  2. I cannot find a way to remove a wood grain texture from a ceiling plane in a vaulted ceiling. The material eyedropper changes the color but does not delete the texture. If I kill the ceiling and re-create it, it still comes back with wood grain texture. How can I remove the texture? Thanks in advance - Michael Hall Scott is on a cruise so I figured I would ask you guys.
  3. MichaelHall

    Job opening for experienced CA draftsman in Puyallup, WA

    If you need help in your Sequim office for a quick-fix or a fast turnaround on anything CA, I can help. No AUTOCAD experience except converting it to CA. I have been using CA since '97. My son is Scott Hall, in San Diego, one of the gurus of CA. I coached him in the beginning, now he coaches me if I have a new problem. Michael Hall, 360 504-0189 PLANSbyMichaelHall.com
  4. MichaelHall

    Section For Two Story Garage

    Nicely done, very useful. Many thanks. Mike
  5. MichaelHall

    Blue Margin Line On Layout Sheets

    You are older than you look if you have a 77 year old son.
  6. I sometimes hit the shift & ctrl keys about the same time & the following happens: (C orm.ycm.o ajjce.bynf dcy yd. jypnzodcuy t.fo ) The preceding is a repeat of the first sentence. Apparently it is a shortcut that changes the keyboard to something else - Greek, Turkish??? I have been unsuccessful at changing it - help!! Mike (Mct." in Greek or Turkish, or whatever.)
  7. MichaelHall

    Section For Two Story Garage

    Good question - just storage above slab with 2X12 FJ. Possible future ADU. Mike.
  8. MichaelHall

    Blue Margin Line On Layout Sheets

    Thanks for all the help. Perry - now I know why Scott looks on you as a GOD. Good simple solution. Mike
  9. MichaelHall

    Section For Two Story Garage

    Can someone send me a section for a two story garage w/ stem wall and floating slab, or where I can find one. Thanks, Mike
  10. MichaelHall

    Blue Margin Line On Layout Sheets

    How do I get back the blue box showing my layout sheet margins - the area outside the print area? Scott cannot help me on this one. Thanks.
  11. MichaelHall

    Resize Text

    Yes I guess it was 97 - the software was chief 97.MIke
  12. MichaelHall

    Resize Text

    Yes I guess it was '97 - the software was Chief 97.MIke
  13. MichaelHall

    Resize Text

    Correction - I am in X6. I now have it working - I realized I took it away when I created XXX as a keyboard setting to delete points. So deleting that shortcut freed it up. Many thanks. Scott did not know about the X/stretch and does not use it. A GOD! Wow. He used to come to me for advice because I got CA in '58, and he got it a lot later - he was addicted to Apple. Now he is a miles ahead of me so I always call him first. Smart guy, and fun to listen to. There is only one Scott. However my youngest son owns a $3mm home. I only wish!! Mike
  14. MichaelHall

    Resize Text

    I used to resize text in previous versions by - if i remember correctly - holding down the "X" key and stretching the text box. I used it a lot and now it does not work. What is the method of doing this in X5? Thanks Mike Hall
  15. MichaelHall

    Hog Wire For Fencing

    I am looking for hog wire for deck rail panels. Where can I get that? Thanks, Mike