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  1. Unbelievable! No one I have consulted including the Apple People know how to get the keypad part of the Magic Keyboard to enter the digits as displayed. Setting up my new passwords was a disaster because all passwords have to include a digit. I had no idea the keypad was not working as displayed, so I created a lot of incorrect passwords. I have been using my PC, with a standard keyboard for almost 20 years and had no idea the keypad part of an apple keyboard would not work the same way. I need to get a new PC system, and get rid of this quirky rotten apple, unless this problem can be resolved.
  2. I cannot find a way to remove a wood grain texture from a ceiling plane in a vaulted ceiling. The material eyedropper changes the color but does not delete the texture. If I kill the ceiling and re-create it, it still comes back with wood grain texture. How can I remove the texture? Thanks in advance - Michael Hall Scott is on a cruise so I figured I would ask you guys.
  3. If you need help in your Sequim office for a quick-fix or a fast turnaround on anything CA, I can help. No AUTOCAD experience except converting it to CA. I have been using CA since '97. My son is Scott Hall, in San Diego, one of the gurus of CA. I coached him in the beginning, now he coaches me if I have a new problem. Michael Hall, 360 504-0189 PLANSbyMichaelHall.com
  4. Nicely done, very useful. Many thanks. Mike
  5. You are older than you look if you have a 77 year old son.
  6. I sometimes hit the shift & ctrl keys about the same time & the following happens: (C orm.ycm.o ajjce.bynf dcy yd. jypnzodcuy t.fo ) The preceding is a repeat of the first sentence. Apparently it is a shortcut that changes the keyboard to something else - Greek, Turkish??? I have been unsuccessful at changing it - help!! Mike (Mct." in Greek or Turkish, or whatever.)
  7. Good question - just storage above slab with 2X12 FJ. Possible future ADU. Mike.
  8. Thanks for all the help. Perry - now I know why Scott looks on you as a GOD. Good simple solution. Mike
  9. Can someone send me a section for a two story garage w/ stem wall and floating slab, or where I can find one. Thanks, Mike
  10. How do I get back the blue box showing my layout sheet margins - the area outside the print area? Scott cannot help me on this one. Thanks.
  11. Yes I guess it was 97 - the software was chief 97.MIke
  12. Yes I guess it was '97 - the software was Chief 97.MIke
  13. Correction - I am in X6. I now have it working - I realized I took it away when I created XXX as a keyboard setting to delete points. So deleting that shortcut freed it up. Many thanks. Scott did not know about the X/stretch and does not use it. A GOD! Wow. He used to come to me for advice because I got CA in '58, and he got it a lot later - he was addicted to Apple. Now he is a miles ahead of me so I always call him first. Smart guy, and fun to listen to. There is only one Scott. However my youngest son owns a $3mm home. I only wish!! Mike
  14. I used to resize text in previous versions by - if i remember correctly - holding down the "X" key and stretching the text box. I used it a lot and now it does not work. What is the method of doing this in X5? Thanks Mike Hall
  15. I am looking for hog wire for deck rail panels. Where can I get that? Thanks, Mike