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  1. Hi all, I have seen a help video that showed how to creat a custom door from one of the built in doors. But now I cannot find it again. I want to change the panel and glass configuration for an exterior door to match what we get from our supplier. Does anyone recall that video? Or can you offer any suggestions on how to do it? Thanks much! Nathan
  2. We are looking to hire a full time employee that is experienced w/ CA. We currently use AutoCAD for all our drafting and are trying to migrate to CA. Job responsibilities may include both so AutoCAD experience is desired. Obviously, we need someone who has experience and knowledge w/ residential drafting and construction and has a working knowledge of IRC 2012. Please email resume to: Nathan Glass
  3. yes that's what I mean. i thought there may be a setting to make them show or not show. thank's for the quick answer!
  4. how do you create a fill pattern without the boundry polyline showing like i see in many of the built-in details?
  5. Hello out there, Does anyone know where to find an instruction video (or written instructions) for adding transom windows above windows? I suppose it would work the same for adding components together above or below. I have seen it discussed at the conference but now I've forgotten how it was done and I can't find anything specific in the training videos. Nathan.
  6. I'm new to CA so this may have been asked and answered before. i haven't found it in the forum though so here goes...In autocad you can "fit" text by changing it's width factor. I have not found a way to do this in CA yet. Is this possible? Sometimes a particular word or paragraph needs to be scrunched down to fit in a defined space. I don't want to change the height of the text just the width factor.