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  1. Jorgex8

    CAD Details - Case Study

    Richard, It is a worst case scenario perhaps, just looking into it from a general perspective, professional practices do have backups, servers, and yes, chief stores archives, there are "autosave" versions, local back ups, and there's that bad habit of mine to make an extra back up on USB's because you never know (It was funny to read from Larry when he said that computers can not delete things on their own... I have seen strange things happen when computers decide to give up) The recovery process can set you back some and then some. Not worried here about losing my plans or details, it is merely a research subject, and just like I did with the Trusses, it is good to learn what others are doing, and most importantly, is why they use certain tools in Chief that I don't have use for at the moment, or I am not taking advantage of and I probably should. Same goes for ArchiCAD, I haven't been using it as long as you but, I have owned and actively use it for oh a long time, Eric Bobrow was still the sales rep back then when we got it... and I use tools in it that are not made for the intended purpose, but, I take advantage of every resource I can. CAD Details in Chief, haven't had much use for the feature, but, trying to see what is capable of. Do I draw CAD details in Chief? Absolutely, I am actually pretty good at it, have my own keyboard shortcuts of course, in fact, some details are born in Chief and then sent to AutoCAD for finishing, some come in from ArchiCAD because it is faster to draw cad there than it is in Chief, at least for me. Thanks again for replying and wondering about it....
  2. Jorgex8


    Thanks to all for replying, We have been using Chief since Version 9 This is a "Bug" within the licensing in Chief.