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  1. The polyline solid is for the shape of the valance board, make that in a back clipped cross section camera.

    Then use the right click, make room molding command from plan view to get your desired crown molding to break around the valance.

    I used x14 without thinking, same process as x12.


    door-valance-floor plan view.jpg

    door-valance-backclip cross section view.jpg


  2. Really need a better picture, good your going to look in person.


    It appears to me the area with the window is the vertical wall  part of mansard style construction.

    Just break your roof on either side and then make a separate pitch for under the window area and adjust the pitch so it intersects with the bottom of the window. 3d solids for the trim boards.


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  3. Hi Bryce,

    I took a look and found out there was no light set created for the exterior views.

    I believe chief automatic lighting mode defaults to 8 lights max, if you create a new light set then as many as you turn on. 


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  4. Hi Jack,

    I looked at your plan, the connections are a bit off of the attachment point on the switch. 

    but then I moved it to the end and it stayed attached.

    Try attaching the connection to the end of the S like the left 2 gang box in the front hall in this image..

    Sometimes you need to hold the control key down to get the connection line to bend to the switch.


    Switch attachment-Screenshot .jpg

  5. Hi Chad,

    I would select the door way and pull the right side to the wall. This will eliminate the newel.

    The left side needs a newel for railing transition. Or line up with 2nd floor railing to continue the railing

  6. I just sent a plan to tech support because the 3d solid object, when I try to copy and rotate it with the rotate handle it would crash Chief. It happened 3 times, then I got this warning.

    Now I'm trying to fix it, no luck yet. Have followed chief recommended  procedures, no joy!


    Caution to all, don't let it crash more than 1-2 times. Use a different method to achieve your task.


    Waiting to hear back from tech.

    fault-code-Screenshot 2022-06-01 090451.jpg