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    Cabinet Filler on Wrong Side

    I'm placed a cabinet in a closet and the filler is now between the cabinet and the one adjacent. I want the filler to be on the other side of the new cabinet so the cabinets are all of equal space between them. When I move the cabinet closer to the adjacent cabinet, it shortens the adjacent cabinet by 1" (the size of the filler)/ I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions?!!! TIA
  2. lori-esd

    Cabinet Filler on Wrong Side

    Hi Joey, Thanks for your help. I fiddled around with it a little more and I was able to fix it. I wish I was more adept at using Chief, but I have a long way to go! So...I really appreciate the help from you and others. Great group! Thanks again!
  3. lori-esd

    Forum Search Tips

    Helpful! Altho when I put in Move+Cabinet+filler....I got nothing.
  4. I am an interior designer in the Washington DC metro area who uses Chief Architect to create furniture layouts and communicate designs for clients. I'm looking to hire an experienced Chief Architect user who can efficiently measure residential spaces and create construction drawings that I could then add furniture and finishes to. I believe there is a way to import AutoCAD into Chief. If that is the case, the drafter could create the construction drawings in AutoCAD. If interested, please contact me at 301.646.1320 or lori@everettscottdesigns.com Thank you!
  5. lori-esd

    simple rotate problem

    Wow....I've tried it all and NOTHING works! I have spent scads of time creating a very detailed wall unit. Created an architectural block, just so I could move it, etc. in one fell swoop. No dice. VERY frustrating!