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  1. Hello, we are needing help in wrapping up our house plans. We need help with the roof, layers, and details. We have it about 80% complete, but needing help for about 1-2hrs. Willing to pay a good hourly price. Please let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks, Ted
  2. Tedhouseplans

    Looking For Architect Or Designer That Uses Chief Architect

    We are also in need of someone to help us wrap up our house plans. We are about 80% complete and using X8. Just need help wrapping up the roof, and details. Probably about 1-2hrs. We can pay an hourly price. Thanks, Ted
  3. Tedhouseplans

    We need help completing plans

    Hello, we are newer to Chief Architect and designing our home. We need an expert in chief architect for some training. Looking for someone that would be willing to train us or help wrap up our plans. We are willing to pay an hourly price. I am thinking we only need 1-2hrs of help to complete. We have it about 80% complete. Please message us and let me know if anyone is interested or needs more details. Thanks, Ted