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    Hi all- I own a small residential design firm near Boston, MA and I’m looking to outsource my plans from the conceptual phase thru final construction docs. I would have 20-30 hours a week to fill if I had the right person. The work could be remote from anywhere or could report to my office. Looking to start pretty much right away. Shoot me a message or email with a sample set of plans and your hourly or per job pricing. I’ll attached some examples of my work, I like my sets to be as detailed and clean looking as possible. Thanks! Ethan Eckstrom
  2. Eckstrom

    Design Help for Upcoming Projects

    Curt, I'd be happy to talk with you about this project if you're still looking for someone to help. Feel free to reach out 508-887-5257 Thanks Ethan Eckstrom
  3. See attached pic. I'm wondering how I can apply a stone veneer to the foundation, but only above grade. I want it to slope nicely and follow the exact grade like the example I found on chief architect site. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!