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  1. Looks great! I've been working with WRA as well,great people great software. Tks
  2. Tks WRA, "Wine Racks America" it is in the bonus lib. Nice work!
  3. Awesome,that's what I'm looking for. You used a combination cabs and WRA symbols,correct?
  4. Help-Have anyone ever done a wine cellar in Chief? There are WRA symbols in CA but you can't really modify like cabinet symbols? I have a Dr client project I'm trying to design right now. Thanks Frank Martin Const.
  5. Perry, Thanks, that's what I thought. I though I saw a videos on this in the past?
  6. How can I convert my Architects PDF plan to Chief plan?
  7. Is there symbols for sump pump crock? Symbol for bilco doors and concrete stairwell??