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  1. dkmtek

    Crown Moulding not showing up?

    Thanks, that worked! But it does raise some questions that were probably already answered when it was said "I'm confusing the program"? The moulding showed up when I built a room (4 basic walls). Being anilrentetive, moving the masonry wall to the outside is confusing to me? It's a load bearing wall I would think it should be in the "Main" layer? Masonry construction where I'm at (Outside Chicago), means dbl brick. All current modern residential construction is wood frame with brick veneer (I always have to explain what that means to someone who doesn't understand construction) Maybe the program can't decipher that? Either way, thanks, looks great now! Maybe you can help me with another problem? On an L shaped staircase, how do I have One of the two with a wall instead of railing? (Close on top?)
  2. dkmtek

    Crown Moulding not showing up?

    1123 2nd story Ver 2 B.plan Here is the full plan.
  3. dkmtek

    Crown Moulding not showing up?

    A new twist? I just created a room (Box) in another location of the drawing with the wall I created (Dbl masonry w/fir strips) and put a camera in there, and the crown showed up?? Now I'm really confused! I've closed, save, reopened the drawing many times, and that didn't change anything (Still no crown on outside wall).
  4. dkmtek

    Crown Moulding not showing up?

    More info...........I'm on version X8 on a mac 27" 3.2ghz, 32 GB Ram w/GeForce GT 755M 1GB (Graphics), not that any of that matters, except for maybe which version I'm on (X8). It seems to be only the wall I created (Dbl brick w/fir strips), because all the others are fine. e.g. interior 4&6 and exterior siding 6 (2nd story). They all show both mouldings (base and Crown) as to where the new wall only shows the base moulding? Which makes it even more confusing?? The moulding height seems fine (Set by room, not wall) so, I'm at a loss? But, pretty sure it is with that wall I created (Copied, modified and renamed). I appreciate your help so far, keep the suggestions coming! Thanks!!
  5. dkmtek

    Crown Moulding not showing up?

    Thanks, I just tried that, but, no, didn't work? Even after saving, closing, re-opening? Any other suggestions??
  6. crown moulding not showing up on the inside of an exterior wall? I have created a new exterior wall (Dbl masonry w/fir strips), I have three layers (Int, Main, ext.), the walls line up with upper and lower walls, but, the crown does not show up on these walls?
  7. dkmtek


    Thanks for your feedback! I think I've figured it out? First off, I'm on a mac with X8. Second, I was trying to resize "Manufacture items"? (Not as program friendly). I've done everything you suggested, and it didn't work (On manufacture catalog items) but, it does seem to work on Chief items. Thanks again!
  8. dkmtek


    What is the size of a "Pixel"? How do I adjust the bumping distance? When I bump it moves in 1" increments? Can I make this smaller? How do I adjust this to fractional movements?
  9. dkmtek

    Top of Foundation?

    Thanks for getting back/responding to me. the file is too large. Here is the (zip file) foundation plan (ver X8). 22443
  10. dkmtek

    Top of Foundation?

    Does anyone know how (or if) you can set and hold Top of foundation walls to an absolute setting for a room, area or the whole drawing? The garage ToF moves around when trying to set stem wall heights, and change ceiling heights in one room vs another? I have attached a photo. Also, trying to connect walls, the program changes other walls when they snap together? How can I get it to stop?
  11. dkmtek

    Gull Wing Roof

    I am having trouble trying to draw (Auto roof generate) a gull wing roof. It shows the offset (Distance from top plate to be about 10' offset even though it says "0" in the description? Can (and is so, how) I draw a gull wing roof manually? And/or what am I doing wrong in trying to generate a gull wing roof?