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  1. I have attached the picture. to me everything looks real except the furniture
  2. wow I would love to learn how to do that. thank you. by turn off do you mean make invisible? Tom
  3. someone sent me a picture and it looks like everything is real except for the furniture. the furniture looks like it was put there with a program like chief architect. I don't want to import 3d into photoshop but do want to take a regular picture and change it to 3D, once 3D i want to add furniture. there may be an easier way to do this.
  4. Hello All, I was doing a tutorial the other day in Photoshop CC and was wondering. Can I take a picture of a room, turn it into a 3d image using Photoshop, import that picture into chief and use chief to furnish it? if so any pointers you can give me on where to learn more about it would be great. Thank you. Tom
  5. im going to take a break and think about eating King Crab in Alaska. I am working on a few other projects but would love to work more with this program. I am the type of person that isn't really happy unless I am doing my best and always open to those that would share how to do things better. I wonder why I am unable to up load the plan - was told file was too large but it is small as far as plans go. Tom King Crab
  6. no need for me to use lights. these settings are giving me amazing results. and yes, I am starting to understand that this software has a lot to offer and like someone else mentioned - doing this is a form of art and I like it. I have lots of questions but try to figure them out on my own and for the most part only ask for help when its time sensitive. if you ever come to New York I would like to buy you a drink. fyi.. I just tried the link in your profile and it doesn't work. Tom
  7. just as a test I did a ray trace on another layout that didn't have sparkles. I am getting them even on this one. I brought back everything to default that I can and still getting the sparkles. can this some how be related to my updating my video card drivers? might be a very silly question but it is the only thing I can think of. no biggie I will use the settings that Graham gave me. if I get the chance I would like to know why all of a sudden this is happening. I am pretty sure this is the same way it was last time I ray traced it with out a problem. its not very important for me to find out just curious.... as I am still working. I actually like talking about this stuff. Tom
  8. I agree. some outstanding people in here. I am very thankful.
  9. took me a while but I think I found it. that tool is now called Adjust Material Definition tool. seems like Ray Trace is working much faster now. you have helped me more than you realize. this was very important for me to have something to show today.
  10. to learn which setting caused the floor to turn so dark.. I am redoing the adjustments one at a time.
  11. that was very nice of you. this is a very complicated program. most programs I have been able to teach myself (what I needed from them) Photoshop, premiere, dream weaver, MS office, the only time I was unable to teach myself was when trying to build an online database using PHP. I latterly sat there till I got frozen shoulder lol. I did not think this program would be so difficult. ok got a view from the Ray Trace. walls look very reflective and the floors are now very dark. ray trace pass 82.0
  12. now it seems that no matter what I do the apartment stays dark. the sun is set no matter what the settings tilt angle and direction angle and restoring defaults have no effect. I opened up a new camera window and have control over the sun again. the reason for the sun being in the middle was because that is where I put it to get rid of shadows without turning shadows off. I didn't have the sparkle problem until I shut off shadow's. I updated drivers on video card last night.
  13. keeps telling me file is too large to post plan
  14. I have deleted the lights and was still getting it. I forgot how many passes. I did several tests and each one was a different length of time. never less than 10 and could have gone up to 30. I shut all the lights off and adjusted the sun. the sparkles are gone but I cant get rid of what looks like the fun shining right smack in the middle of the layout. I have been changing the sun but that thing just stays there. I also put shadows back on but adjust the sun so that there is very little shadow from sun light. ok I will post the plan.. thank you thank you Tom
  15. I knew this but forgot. I have been just letting ray trace do its thing. today I started with the sun angle but getting a lot of sparkles when I ray trace. thanks for the reminder.
  16. Hello, I am trying to stop the sparkles that have started to appear during Ray Trace. I searched every menu I thought would lead me to the answer with no luck. I did shut off shadows in perspective floor view but the shadows appear during ray trace ( don't want them to) I also shut off shadows in the perspective FV and that might have something to do with the sparkles. also the ceilings were removed already. the picture is attached. thank you Tom
  17. for the first time in many years... I didn't even give it a name.. just started working. cant find anything in any of the chief folders with todays date. . .. it wont happen again
  18. thank you all that showed me your stuff. it really looks nice. I wish I would have saved my work before chief crashed tonight lol
  19. thank you.... there are a few places where chief stores data. any idea what the files extension would be?
  20. Hello All, so there I was... working hard for at least a couple of hours and then... Chief Architect X8 Premier crashed. thought there would have at least been an auto save. one time I was very tired and messed up the saving but later found what I wanted in cache. cant seem to find anything tonight. any chance my work is still around? someplace? anyplace? my fault.. shoulda saved the work. thank you Tom
  21. I didn't want you to think I didn't appreciate your uploading that for me. being my clients give me tons of personal information - as a rule of thumb I never down load from this computer, but will from my other. I will connect it later. thank you
  22. this is beautiful stuff. and eventually I would love to be able to do that. never really sure just how much I will be able to learn when I start something new. but I always try and because of the money sometimes it causes some anxiety not knowing if I will be able to learn. I am finding with this program that it is not only used for work but its sort of becoming a hobby. lol words of a bored old married guy I know.
  23. I do usually import my images to adobe premiere - and then up load to youtube.