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  1. nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 the Driver is dated 4/17/2019. with the resolution at 1920 x 1080 it freezes but if I bring it down to 1600 x900 it works fine. I have plenty of ram and recently updated everything including the bios. even with only one monitor it freezes. maybe its something to do with settings in active camera settings?
  2. windows 10 self build. Plenty of power. CA Premier X9. I used to do video walkthrough with no problem. now even if I disable a monitor, low resolution way down and I have reset all my settings to factory defaults the video keeps freezing while preforming a walkthrough. any idea what can be causing this? all my other programs run fine. thank you very much Tom
  3. or it may only be available for when you draw stairs? i inserted mine from the library.
  4. thank you again Eric. I did find that page and not being able to find the auto stairwell tool led me on a chase to find out why lol. it was like one thing after another. i read plenty on that subject and still I am unable to find it. deleted stairs and started over with no luck. by mistake I deleted the lower level and had to start again. this time I was able to find the display reference tool and was then able to continue with those instructions. i now have the stairs good enough for me but have the wooden railing that was used to create the open on bottom room and the rails that came with the stairs. so now my stairs have 2 rails on the upper floor. if there is a fix for that I would like to learn it but for my purpose to give my customers a better tool for find the right apartments it works for now. i really do appreciate your help.. thank you. Tom
  5. got the railing around the stairs :)...
  6. in searching for help with the stairwell the paste and hold position that I found just came in handy.
  7. when I opened the plan the lower floor was some how lost lol.. so I will be doing as some of you have said.
  8. the help page I found the last time showed me how to draw a curved railing around the spiral stair case and then make it an open floor room or something like that.
  9. i read all the comments and thank you all very much. im going to get back into it and hope I finish it tonight. thank you again.
  10. the floor above didnt align with the floor below... terribly off center. I do advertising for Manhattan real estate and love working with and trying to learn chief architect whenever I get the chance. my layouts are all done by eye to try and give my customers the best idea of the layout and what they can do to the property. thank you Tom
  11. on top of having a bad morning I dont like to ask questions that are easily found in help. I know i found it before and was reluctant to ask but between my nerves and time i knew i needed help. so it was in part vent and forgetting I didnt really ask a question. I continued to look for the help page i needed but couldnt find it. so im back from my rest.. determined to finish this and less caffeinated. but now im still tired. thank you Tom
  12. i know I have created stairwells in the past but for the life of me non of the help files apply to either my program or my layout. i followed the reference floors instructions but the "reference floor display "is not selectable . I remember the last time I drew a curved railing around the stairs on the upper floor and it was ok but for the life of me I cant find instructions that work. been at if for at least an hour.. lol might be the caffeine but my nerves are shot trying to find what should be easily found. i checked all tutorials I can find but cant find that one. and the rest simply lead to choiced with greyed out choices or non existent autostairwell. I deleted the stairs several times tying to find autostairwell tool. time for some lavender tea. Tom
  13. i dont know the tech terms but everything was off center. I think I found an ok way to work around my mistake. i am sure there is a better way.. maybe create the lower floor in a new plan and join the two plans. thank you
  14. what I did was build stairs going up and just build around them lol. at this point I think I will continue but will also look into what you said. thank you. Tom
  15. Hello All, by mistake I built the upper floor first and finally found out how to make that floor 2 but now when I build floor 1 I am having a hard time lining it up with the floor above. any pointers would be great. both floors are different shapes and size. thank you Tom
  16. working on something now and wishing I still had the 3d potted plants
  17. would be nice to get it back but just looked and I think most of the stuff I used was free for download anyway. maybe a couple of things I lost. I do see something on one of my back up drives and will check. but right now I am tired lol. glad I got this going again. thank you. im working on something now and wishing I still had the 3d potted plants
  18. would be nice to get it back but just looked and I think most of the stuff I used was free for download anyway. maybe a couple of things I lost. I do see something on one of my back up drives and will check. but right now I am tired lol. glad I got this going again. thank you.
  19. I replied to this before with a thank you but cant see it.... anways.. thank you. what did work (it seems) is that I uninstalled the program again this time after the uninstall I searched for all things chief and deleted them also. now it is working fine. I do have another question. last year I also had the SSA and down loaded a lot of stuff. after computer crash I lost all that additional content and not my SSA is expired. would I have still had access to all the images that from SSA after the expiration? did I have it and now its lost unless I have $500 to renew?... anyway. thank you both and Drawzilla you always seem to be here for me and thank you. I did a reboot after each step to make sure everything was cleared. hope this helps someone in the future. Tom
  20. Hello Everyone. had computer trouble. graphics card appears to be over heating and putting the monitors into a non awake able low power state. I since removed one monitor from the video card and now have the second monitor on the mother board graphics.(just incase bad video card can cause this error) anyway.. running new install (but the vid card caused many freezes and improper shutdowns.. using a new install of Chief Architect Premier X8.. new install...(just now) nothing downloaded from online catalog yet. and I am getting this message. anytime I search the library. ..\source\LibraryDatabase.cpp(2754): Warning #272032176 "C:\ProgramData\Chief Architect Premier X8\Core Libraries\CoreArchitectural.calib: Error executing query: database disk image is malformed No result has been generated." 3/4/2017 3:03:50 PM Build: any help would be great. Thank you Tom
  21. Hello Bob, I was looking already. web site was crashing my computer. I will check back later. thank you again. Tom
  22. Hello Perry, I never went to a site looking for downloads. I guess I will just google elevators and try manufactures. thank you again Perry. Tom
  23. Hello All, I am working on a penthouse apartment with a keyed elevator to the apartment. I would like to show the elevator but cant find any help. its just the apartment not the whole building. if you can point me in the right direction that would be great. I hope you are all doing well. Thank you Tom
  24. do you think that floor is also computer generated? I like how it shows age.
  25. the floors to me are what I am liking and that view out the window. I agree that everything else does look fake. do you know of any pictures that have the floor looking so imperfectly real?