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  1. I would love to show a clay tiled roof on this plan - but can't because all the roof patterns/samples that are supplied are flat and 2 dimensional. The attached jpg just shows shingles for now, bu when I use the roof tiles (Spanish look), it looks... not even close to real. Is there a way to have clay roof tiles on a roof that looks decent? I downloaded some 3D tiles and tile ridges - but they are individual and can't be used as an entire surface. There are a lot of professional geniuses on this board that use this program.. any advice to steer me in the right direction??
  2. This is my first house in Chief X9 that I have modeled, and i noticed the trees and shrubs are not producing shadows the wrong way. It is almost like the shrubs are at a 60 degree angle with the light source causing the 2D images to create slivers of shadows as opposed to regular shadows. Is there something I am missing? This never happened in X8 or previous versions.
  3. Thanks Michael. i am duplicating what the client picked for exterior finishes - and the stone that the client selected in reality - trying to match as best I could. I ended up google searching the same stone and created my own material. Not my preferred way - as when the material is replicated - the seams done't line up as nice as they should. Oh well - that is why it is only a rendering Thanks for your response!
  4. This is a quick 2 pass rendering - but even if I let it go for 30 minutes, it will pass around 90 times. Even after 90 times - the stone looks fluffy. I am using cultured stone - black rundle - bump map set to 0.05......still - I can't get this to look sharp. I notice there are a few stones I use that don't work out to well for sharpness. I have never had a client complain about it - but it bugs me. I use Chief for exterior renderings only - so I guess you could say I am a softcore user. IS there any hardcore users out there that can give me some tips for raytrace settings?
  5. You're a genius! That worked perfectly. I will re-render and make sure I create a separate layer/material just for this purpose. Thank you!! That saves me (and someone else) time - plus it makes me look like I know what I'm doing Thanks again!!
  6. Thanks for the input Michael! I have plain white as my color, no texture. If I turn the perimeter layer off - I see all the foundation and footings- which I don't want (client doesn't want) to see. I downsized my terrain area to be almost a cookie cutter of the house - and stretched it out minimally so you can't see the footings - but still have 2 shades of white. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. This may be silly - but I have a client that likes their renderings in both landscaped and simple mode. When I do simple mode (white back ground), I can't seem to figure out how to get rid of the horizon line. I removed the background image and went with white. When I pick the material for the land - I just went with white. I thought it would be seamless - but I am wrong. I know photo shop will fix this - or any other graphic program... but renderings are a very small piece of my business and I don't want to spend more time than I have too. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get a pure white background and land base without affecting anything else? Thanks for reading!!
  8. Thanks everyone! I did not have that library installed. Now I do and am in for a good laugh. Thanks again!!
  9. I thought in earlier versions of Chief, there were Garden gnomes, snowmen, and a lot of other cool bizarre 3D objects. Did they get rid of them? I want to mess with a client and put an army of garden gnomes on the front lawn of their rendering. Does anyone know where I can get them?
  10. I apologize for marking it answered in my own post. I did what Joe Carrick mentioned and opened the "Deck/Porch" Room and changed the Wall Material to siding. It worked perfect. I didn't think anyone else needed to attempt to fix the problem seeing that it was resolved. Sorry about that everyone.
  11. Bloody hell people!! I have to go back to Chief Architect kindergarten and review everything. Thank you all for your time and comments. I use Chief for exterior renderings only - not actual blueprints. Some things are "pieced" together to print a pretty picture - and not actual constriction drawings. Hey dshall - did you do something to the camera, light settings or anything? Your quick jog image looks a lot better than mine! Thanks to all who responded. Your opinions and advice make me a better user of CA.
  12. I attached the plan in *.zip format. If anyone can give me any info - that would be great. Thanks in advance!! 182 Canyon Estates Way - 3D
  13. The wall is not reversed, it is normal to all other exterior walls. Any other ideas of what it might be? Thanks for the response.
  14. This has happened many times before (see attachment) , and I usually draw a thin 3D poly overtop to fix it. There has to be an easier way and/or an explanation for this. I have the same techniques for every house I do - and about 5% of them have the same problem as the attached jog shows. Any advice as to why this is happening? I am using X7 - but this has happened in every version since X2. As I mentioned - maybe 5% of the time this happens, so it is easy enough to deal with -- just want to know if there is a solution. Thanks
  15. The material selection for gutters is not available. I can remove gutters from each roof lines and call it a day - but I would prefer not too. IS there a specific reference for gutters and material/color that I can access?