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  1. I am looking for a process, method or tools that our new home sales people can use to communicate a client's desired design changes of plans in our existing Chief Architect Plan Library. Needs to be simple enough that a "non-user" of CA can use without a huge learning curve. Anything exist or any ideas?
  2. Hi, I understand you are looking for someone to do design work through internet and exchanging idea and sending plans back and forth till finish.  I am online freelance chief drafter with 6 years of experience and can help you accordingly. Thanks.

  3. Needing a couple of things: 1.) Need to get a few production plans drawn into Chief. Typical plan has 4 elevations and anywhere from 1-3 floor plan options. Like to get separate .plan file for each elevation and each floor plan option. I will provide typical notes and details and have attached a typical plan so you could see the level of detail. 2.) We would like to find drafters to work with on custom or semi custom plans. Most of our projects are just making elevation or floor plan modifications to our existing plans although some will be fully custom. Most of our plans are currently drawn into Chief and they all will be when item number 1 above is completed. Our custom homes salesperson would be meeting with the customer and communicating to the drafter the modifications etc. From time to time may need to do a "Go to Meeting" or similar for communication purposes. Typical Plan.pdf