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NEW Chief Architect 3D Viewer - for Mobile Devices

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Now Available - Chief Architect has a new 3D Viewer product that is a virtual reality viewer on mobile devices for 3D models exported from Chief Architect software.  The product is a Free app and runs under Apple iOS and Android.


Here's a brief 

 sample plan exported to the 3D Viewer


More information is on the website


To export a 3D Viewer model from Chief Architect you will need Chief Architect X8 Premier or Interiors, version 18.3.


Once you have prepared your model for export in Chief Architect it will package up your model (textures and all) and put it under your Chief Architect cloud account.


From your Chief Architect account, you can manage the sharing, deactivation, and deletion of plans you have exported from Chief Architect.  The current number of plans you can Share on the cloud has a limit of (3) files.  If you need more storage, you can contact Chief Architect sales and upgrade from the free to a paid cloud plan.


To share your plans with another 3D Viewer user, click the ‘Share’ button associated with the plan you would like to share. You will need to provide the Sharing code that appears in the console. Or, you can click the ‘Send’ button to generate an email that includes the Sharing code as well as instructions for obtaining 3D Viewer and creating a Chief Architect account.


Share your models with your clients using the 3D Viewer!




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