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Can someone tell me how to create an interior dividing wall that starts at ceiling height but slopes (curves like a ramp) down to a half wall?  I can create a wall with a straight slope using a wedge shape sitting on top of a half wall but I want there to be a curve to the slope.  See image below.  THanks for any help!!  I'm using Home Designer Interiors 2016 on a mac laptop.



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      Helo, everybody again

      Here we go with more questions. In this example (picture attached) I have managed to build the “circle” up in the wall over the bed thanks of the help of all the users in my last topic talking about the moldings.

      How can I curve an object, in this case, some curtains? I’m seeing that applying some curves in some objects I can do many useful things.

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      Hi All
      I am creating custom light fixtures and many have a domed shade.  I actually used two bowls in the CA library for one of the shades (one for outer color, one for inner color) but was wondering how I could use the included shapes to do this as well or just CAD objects.  There is a half sphere available but I want to hollow it out.  Is there a way to "subtract" a smaller half sphere within a larger half sphere (create a hole?) to do this?  Some of the domes are not completely spherical, so I would like to edit their shape a little and then hollow them out.  Trying to do something like the sconce pasted in here.
      I also attach a CA plan with the light fixture I created using the bowls (I don't know how to export one user object separately....)

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