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  1. I just downloaded Wayfair's catalog of furniture but I found that when I apply a different fabric texture from the CA library it looks terrible. It's as if the scaling is WAY out of line. Anyone else have this problem? I really want to use their furniture objects because the CA library is outdated, but they don't behave well. Denise Britti CA X11 MacBook Pro
  2. THank you so much, Brad! This has been very helpful and educational!
  3. Wow, that helped! I had no idea there was such an option. There is no big jump in lighting now. On a related note, however, I'm still trying to lighten the overall effect in the room during the walkthrough recording. As you can see in the screen grab, the Full camera view on the left is bright (I increased Ambient Light setting to do this) and yet the recording I just made (shown on right) still remains dark. Before I changed the Wall option box to "no room definition," the kitchen side of the room was nice and bright as you can see in the original video. How do I keep it that bright? Very strange.... Thank you for all your help!!
  4. Marc, The dividing wall with arch has to stay unfortunately because it's a load bearing wall in the client's home. But are you saying I should just delete the room definitions in each space?
  5. I'm attaching the portion of the recording I made to illustrate the problem. Since I posted my initial question, I have noticed on CA's own walkthrough recordings that this lighting issues occurs as well so I'm not as hopeful this can be fixed. Has anyone else had to deal with this issues and found a work-around? LightingIssue.mp4
  6. Hello! I'm struggling with a walkthrough recording in a kitchen. It's essentially one large open room but divided (on the floor plan due to an arch) into a dining area and kitchen. When the camera moves from the dining area to kitchen the lighting changes dramatically from darkish to very light. How do I control the lighting so that the video doesn't have this big jump? Thanks for any thoughts! Denise Britti Chief Architect X10 MacBook Pro
  7. Thank you! And yes, this was solved almost immediately through Support!
  8. Hello! I just migrated Home Designer Pro 2018 to a new MacBook Pro from an older one and all looked good until a started a new plan. There were no default styles (ex traditional, contemporary, etc) to choose from which I often use just to get me started. Also no room labels etc to work with. Did I miss something in the download? Denise Britti
  9. Can someone tell me how to create an interior dividing wall that starts at ceiling height but slopes (curves like a ramp) down to a half wall? I can create a wall with a straight slope using a wedge shape sitting on top of a half wall but I want there to be a curve to the slope. See image below. THanks for any help!! I'm using Home Designer Interiors 2016 on a mac laptop.