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In my travels I have come across (and made) several exterior shutters. They are listed below (and attached). I do not know how they will do in X6. Maybe if I ever upgrade, I can optimize them to be used from within the Window dialog box.

Wood Shutter: I had seen a freebie a long time ago, but it didn't stretch well for me, and I found the lateral braces to be too big for my taste. So I made this one myself, and added stretch planes so that it stretches vertically without distorting the lats, and horizontally without distorting the spacing. Library size is 18"x48", but I typically stretch it to 18"x72" for my needs.

Full-Height 2-Panel Shutter: I did not make this one (came from 3D Warehouse, I think), but I did convert it and set the stretch planes properly. Library size is 18"x80", and sometimes I shrink it down to 18"x72" for windows. You will have to change the stretch planes to get it work well at something smaller like 60"H or 48"H.

Top-Hinge (Hurricane Shutter): This can be popular in Acadian or French Creole style homes, so I whipped one up myself in Sketchup. This one will probably only fit a 36"x72" window. Never had a need for a smaller one. It is an architectural block that will insert with a top height of about 90" to suit my standard window placement. Tinker as you wish.

Louvered Shutter: Unfortunately this one will not stretch very well vertically due to a finite number of louvers. It can be used for a 48"H window, but I typically use it for louvered surrounds on back porches (see photo). It stretches horizontally just fine.

Hope you can use these.






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