Room Planner 4.1 Is Now Available


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Room Planner 4.1 is now available! Download available for Android or iOS.

New Features in 4.1

  • Change room height
  • Share plans with other users
  • Room schedule
  • Room labels show area or dimensions
  • Toggle display of dimensions, furniture, and annotations
  • Material painter scoping
  • Savable cameras
  • Game controller support
  • Global search in the Library and Material Painter
  • Cancel addition of new objects while dragging
  • Library access in 3D
  • Evenly space openings on a wall
  • Magnifying glass to aid placement of Library objects
  • Floor to top and bottom controls for openings
  • Full screen support
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    • By maryellen
      I have been using the Room Planner mobile app on my iPad for years and now it’s no longer available in the App Store so I suspect it might get glitchy and whenever I get a new iPad I won’t be able to download Room Planner on it, and so I guess I better get going with some alternative with the same features. What I love about the Room Planner mobile app is that it’s not a ‘game’ like a lot of the other ‘3D Planner’ type apps that I have been trying out. I don’t need a replacement app to be free, but I also don’t have $1799 to spend for a desktop version. I use the app for interior design. 
      Can anyone recommend an alternative mobile app that is as awesome or almost as awesome as Room Planner is/was? Thank you! 
    • By C_Parrilla
      FYI - I'm new to Chief Architect Home Designer 2016 and Room Planner iPad app. 
      I created a simple plan (square room with a few wall and base cabinets) on room planner and saved it to the cloud (Green Cloud icon). I closed the app and reopened it to make sure the changes were saved. Then I go over to Home designer 2016 Architectural (Trial) and  -> create a new design -> and go to import and then "Import Room Planner File". I put in my credentials and see the designs I've. The thumbnail that is displayed for all my plans do show the rooms with the cabinets as it does in the iPad app. The issue is that when i select and import the file, I only see the outline of the room but not cabinets. I did a 3D perspective overview but I only see the walls. No cabinets at all. Am I doing something wrong or is this how the import feature is designed to work? Does it matter i'm using the Trial version of Home Designer? I even went ahead and saved a sample plan that was full of cabinets and rooms but same result. Attached are just a few images of what i see. Any other details needed just let me know.
      Thanks in advance for the help everyone.

    • By Doug-o
      What is the consensus with compatibility between air pad 2, room planner and Leica, and if so which Leica?  thanks 
    • By ChiefuserMathews
      Hi, could some one tell me how to transfer my room planner licence to my new tablet
    • By ChiefArchitect
      Today we have released the latest update to Room Planner, version 4.3. This update affects both the full version and LE. 


      The update includes the following changes:




      - Fixed an issue that prevented the LG VK815 tablet from downloading content

      - Added support for Bluetooth laser measuring device connectivity on devices running Android 6 (Marshmallow) and Android 7 (Nougat).

      - Added support for Bosch GLM 50 C and GLM 100 C laser measuring devices

      - Improved Bluetooth UI and connectivity

      - Added 'Change Elevation' buttons in Sojourn™ mode

      - Various stability enhancements




      - Added support for Bosch GLM 50 C laser measuring devices

      - Improved Bluetooth UI and connectivity

      - Added 'Change Elevation' buttons in Sojourn™ mode

      - Various stability enhancements