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We need a more Photo realistic plan with video walk through

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We have a completed plan in Chief Architect 7 that needs some tweaking (make sure roof line is correct, finish on floors needs to be polished concrete, not aggregate, etc., all door finishes need to match) and someone to create a more photo realistic look (we think ours is a little cartooning looking, along with a 3D video walk through in MP4 format) - see attached photos and file.  


This is now a time sensitive project so please contact me ASAP or directly at 310-720-2807 and


Charlie Meister





4061A Glencoe Floor Plan Vr 2.plan







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I did the VERY quickly.   Needs a good bit more detail to start to make it more realistic.   Also some tweaking could be done in lots of areas...etc.

Just wanted to shoot over something fast.   I shot you an email if interested.


Full 3d walk thoughs not a problem... Here is an example.


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