top chord bearing floor trusses


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Using x7 premier. How to you do room specifications when your using top chord bearing floor trusses? I end up cheating on the floor structure height using 3" which is the thickness of the top chord of T.C.B. floor trusses. Only problem is it messes up my stem wall height. Any answers out there? Thanks

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    • By rmb957
      I'm trying to establish the correct elevations with respect to stem wall height, ceiling height, floor hight etc.. but as i try to configure those dimensions in the absolute settings it automatically makes changes in the relative settings that are not correct, then when i try to correct the relative settings it automatically changes what i just entered in the absolute settings, so i just keep ping ponging back and forth between absolute & relative settings where one negates or changes the setting in the other.  Is there a process that i can follow to fix this?  i think it may be related to dynamic default settings. the red checkmark next to the settings icon seems to appear at unpredictable times while editting in the room spec dialog window. Detailed version settings should be in my signature. 
      Chief Architect Premier X12

    • By EmmaCox
      I have 2 questions!
      1. When I was using the transform/replicate command in Chief X3, it would remember the last command that I used it for.
      For example:
      I select an object and open the transform/replicate command and move & copy the object over 2ft.  
      Next, I select a different object and open the transform/replicate command to move & copy the object over 3ft.. but the transform/replicate remembered that I had just copied and moved something so it already had the copy and move boxes checked off so I didn't have to check them off again.
      Now, on X9 every time I go to use the transform/replicate command and open it, it defaults to just having the move box checked off all the time. So if I had just copied an object and want to do it again with a different object I have to go and check off the copy box again..
      I know its not a big deal to just have to check off the copy box every time I want to copy something but it is more convenient to have the last command defaulted when copying things frequently..
      Does anyone know how I can set this on X9, so that it defaults to the last command??  
      2. When I would open a room specification in Chief X3, it would default to last tab I had open on the previous room specification I had open. 
      For example:
      I open a room specification in the kitchen to edit the ceiling height in the structures tab.
      Next, I open the room specification in the bedroom to edit the ceiling height and it automatically has it open on the structures tab already.. 
      Now, on X9 every time I open the room specification it has it defaulted to open on the general tab.  I know its not a big deal to have to just click on the structures tab again when I want to edit the heights, but usually I have to go through every room to edit the structure heights to make sure they are all the same... One extra step to click on the structures tab but it is more convenient if it is already open on that tab..
      Can anyone help?
    • By jon_guiffre
      I made changes to a design by reducing the room sizings, when I did this I lost the Room Specification for the room and lost the floor system to the room. I aligned the foundation walls and 2nd floor walls to the 1st floor layout. Now I cannot regain the Room Specification for these rooms and there does not seem to be any help from the manual. Is there an easy fix that I'm just not seeing or do I have to start from new?
      Steve J
      CA X7
      iMac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5
      2.9 GHz Intel Core i5
      8GB 1600MHz DDR3