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Here is an other way of niche insert in walls, in chief workflow is an other important factor to effectively use the tools provided so far. Last time we have seen two walls forced on top of an other wall, that process is avoided by using copy to clip board.


1 place the wall

2 copy to clipboard

3 apply material region on wall

4 paste hold position and insert the niche(made from window) as explained last time.

For shower niches with no casing or framing use pass thru window with no casing no frame etc.....

Here is a video on this concept.

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    • By ThomasWilder

      I am trying to find the best way to model a Georgian window, with an angled inset into the wall's thickness, and a window along the inner edge (see the attached image). Note that this isn't a box window - there is no "bump out" - the window is set into the wall. I thought about using a wall niche, but I do not know how to create the angle. 

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      Software version: Interiors X13

    • By Meltdown00
      When I create a wall niche in X10 and add casing in the specification dialog box, the casing is not set against the wall unless you make the depth of the niche the same depth of the wall.
      Is there a way to change this or is this a bug?
      FYI: pretty new to Chief, started with X9, but don't remember having this problem before...

    • By briang552014
      Well I figured it out. I had a project where i had a media room that required rectangular niches. one big one where the screen would go and on the side walls two on each wall for posters. I tried to do this using the door no casings, windows pass thru with no casings. Bunch o crap. Here's how you do it. Oh, two of the walls are exteriors. The total wall thickness was 15.5". I created a copy of my exterior wall style, renamed it "test" in my case. I then went to define the wall type I just created, selected the sheet rock on the interior and deleted it. I then selected the line that was left on the interior (it is black) changed it to gray and 0 line width. (don't know if I needed to do that or not). I then created a copy of my interior wall called it "test" too. went to the wall definition of that wall and changed the wall that would be up against the exterior wall the same as I did with the exterior wall. I then changed my exterior wall type to my exterior 4 test type and then on the inside of the room created my interior 4 test type. once i did that I just pulled the interior wall up against the exterior. They matched perfectly and cleaned up perfectly. I then used the window pass thru on the interior wall, got rid of the framing and lintel and casings. well it went thru both walls so I went back to the dialog box and chose the casing option and chose not through. DONE, except changing the material on the back and re sizing. Maybe someone could re write this to make it more clear, the steps involved. It was so easy and took no time, but writing it seem like it took me forever. I will include a picture of 3d and plan view. I made the material on the inside white so you guys could see better what was done. This one if for you DS Hall. You do great work and I love watching your videos. I really hope this helps you guys out.