Framing, Auto Generating Clear Spanning Floor Joists - How to ignore walls above during auto framing?


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I would like to auto generate clear spanning floor joists as much as possible to limit or avoid manual editing. 

Unfortunately, for my situation the walls above the floor platform prevent this. 


In the "Wall Specifciation" dialogue boxes I have turned off the "Structure, Framing Insert Floor Framing Below" function. The software application does not take into account these settings and just continues to add additional framing  under the  walls.   


I have also run joist direction lines at several locations but that has no effect. 

I have also deleted all framing objects except for bearing lines and joist direction lines using the dialogue box Edit> Delete Objects> Framing.

None of those actions override the auto framing under the walls. 


I did delete the walls and added them back in step wise.  But, that exercise did not have the desire effect.


Can someone provide a suggest as to how to turn off the auto floor framing under the walls?      

2nd Floor Joists.JPG

2nd Floor Pln.JPG

Wall Spec.JPG

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  • Solution

Go into the room DBX for those two small rooms where you built the walls and check that the floor structure is the same as the rest of the house on that floor. My guess is for some reason that floor structure in those two little rooms is different which makes them frame differently. Also make sure those rooms are on the same framing group as the big room surrounding it.


That's just a guess though. If not the problem then post the plan please.


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I changed all the rooms'  framing group numbers to be identical and confirmed that the same floor structure is in place. 

The floor joists regenerate now as a single span without any breaks.     


Thank You for helping me out here!

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