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As we all know, there are limited garage doors in Chief... A lot of them! Just not what we need. I plan on making more of the standard doors also. These are some of the common doors we use here in West Michigan from Clopay or similar.

I am including my drawing where I made the doors if you want to make your own and/or expand on the drawing. I am also including my Library of these garage doors.






Link to the drawing file - X15


Link to the Library - X15


Let me know what you think. Are these helpful?


Give me a like if you download


credit to Eric - EricOnChiefArchitect


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Here is another garage door of what I would call a more traditional or standard door you purchase at your local lumberyard. Some without glass that you assemble as a garage door type and enter the number of panels, and others with glass on the top row which are fully assembled.


With this drawing file you could now make a 12' wide by 12' high storage building overhead door with a row of windows in one of the rows. See the video below for the steps.




The garage doors library's are included - X15


Here is the drawing file - X15


Give me a like if you download


Thank you,



Traditional Garage Doors Double.calibz Traditional Garage Doors Single.calibz

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