Roof Overhang Above Causing Gap in Soffit of Roof Below.


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CA Premier X14:

I'll attach a few pictures showing how the upper eave affects the lower, but title explains pretty much everything. I've tried putting them on different levels (all currently on Attic level), unchecked Attic Wall on all upper wall segments.TIA for any suggestions and help!

Overhang 1.jpg

Overhang 2.jpg

Overhang 3.jpg

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18 minutes ago, solver said:

I looked and do not have a solution. Suggest sending the plan to support. 



I noticed you are not making use of default settings, in rooms and for roofs for example.


Defaults guide the program and setting them as you work should save time and potentially produce a better model.


Here is a video on how roof defaults and manual roof planes interact.


I noticed your creative use of corner boards on the 2nd floor. You might consider using a Molding instead, and on the 1st floor instead of the 3D Solids. Chief has info -- search the Chief website for belly. This video of mine might give you some ideas too.




Thank you for your suggestions.


I work with many different houses with different clg heights and roof styles, spending time on all the default settings isn't my first step when each house level has different heights. Most houses have more than one roof pitch, also. 


I've seen chief files where people have 3D solids for beams and the material is porcelain :lol:. I just put my 3D solid on the Corner Board layer to get it off the CAD Default layer. If I was concerned about a materials list, I would make it more accurate. 


I'm 100% self-taught on this program and can usually figure out my mistakes and know where fudging can be done, but this overhang issue has me baffled. Similar issue last month, but we figured out it was because Chief thought the uncovered porch below was a room. 



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Well, apparently putting the cricket in where it should be instead of leaving it out was the issue.

I'm guilty of not following through on all of the plan before trying to fix everything. :wacko:

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