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I'm new to this, so forgive me.  I need to create a monitor style house with lean toos on both sides, at 3 roof pitch which need to connect to the center, which is 8 roof pitch, I've having issues with the auto build.  From the jpeg you can see it needs a lot of work.


lean to.PNG

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Here is a plan that "somewhat" matches your description. It should get you started, you can change the dimensions, copy/paste your stuff from your plan, etc. Keep in mind this is based off of my 'template". There is so much more to say I do not know where to start or end. This took me about 20-30 minutes to do. I could add your interior floorplan in another 20.



If you are a 2D person, you are used to "drawing" everything, so there is nothing you can not do, but it takes time and there is no integrity other than your own. CA is amazing in this regard, and believe me there is nothing you can not do, and then some. But you have to spend the time to learn the product. There are some very good trainers on the forum that will help you keep your sanity. There are guys on here that would have done what I did in 10 minutes or less.


One word of advice, take the time to learn the product, and try not to be immediately productive as I tried to be initially. CA will fool you in that regard as allows you do do so much very fast, but once past the basics, it can jam you up. Doing this mock up was yet another step in my own journey. Study and experimentation is the key.



Screenshot 2022-09-16 222556.png


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