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I transferred my Core Catalogs and my Bonus Libraries and my Manufacturer Catalogs to my mew computer. It seems everything migrated ok except anything to do with textures. The Library Tree has all the titles but when I click on for example Backdrops, Land and Sky and Water come up but when I click on Land and Sky and Water none of the pictures come up.


Nothing comes up under Materials. All the names are in the Library Tree. The only texture that comes up in Siding is the Stucco Texture.


It seems all the symbols came up after the transfer but not the textures.


What am I doing wrong?

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    • By Ange822
      Good afternoon,
      I just received a new laptop. I have backed up my bonus / core / manufacturer libraries and data files using the link https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00001/backing-up-chief-architect-content.html - However, to Import them into my new laptop I am having to open each individual library. Is there an easier way to import them all at once?
      thanks in advanced!

    • By AlamoChief
      I am setting up a new computer and have downloaded Chief X12. What is the best way to transfer all my data, libraries and templates? Also how to I load all the bonus content, can it be transferred or do I have to download each library again from Chief website? FYI when I installed Chief it didn't create an X12 data folder so I copied it from my old computer. I also have the downloaded libraries in my download folder so I could copy them and open them one at a time I suppose. I just don't want to have a zillion duplicate files and textures like I have had in the past when migrating upgrades. Thanks  
    • By scarles
      I have imported several SKP files which have several models/components in the one SKP file. I can use them in my plans just fine - they rotate, etc. However, I cannot find a process to extract individual models/components for use. For example, I imported a SKP that has three individual pendant lights, but I only want one of those lights. I am using CA X8. Thanks!
    • By CheriAnn
      Crazy question.....I bought my copy of X6 second hand from a drafter in Minneapolis, and he did not purchase an SSA license when he bought the program originally.  Can I buy just the SSA license?  He only wanted Chief for creating plans, whereas I use it exclusively for interior design.  Therefore he had no reason to spend the extra $'s, while I really NEED those symbols.
    • By rabbit
      I can not figure this one out. I have X6. When I pick an item from a core library it does something strange and frustrating. I pick a folder, and I immediately see a graphic showing a number of items. Sometimes this is fine, as I can tell from the graphic what the item is. When I click on the item, it takes about 4 seconds to load in the window below so I can see how the item will look as a rendered object. With some manufacturers items in the past, I did something similar. The difference was, after I selected and it took the 4 seconds to load, it was always in my library and would immediately pop up when I selected it the next time. Now, every time I go back to a particular item I have to wait 4 seconds for it to load to see it. For items you want to use over and over this is a waste of time.
      The biggest problem so far is with lights. Say I pick the folder for flush mount lights. It shows me about 20 graphics in a window for the lights with their names. The graphics look all the same so I can not select one out of the group. To actually see what each light is, I have to select one, wait 4 seconds, see it as a rendered view, and go on to another. If I go back to that object, I again have to wait 4 seconds. This is extremely time consuming if you are trying to quickly pick out an appropriate light from many. You want to be able to scroll down a list and see each one as you go. It seems like each one is downloading each time you select it. If so, why? How can I download all the library core graphics so they are in the machine and stay there for my use.
      I have no problem with the user librarys, just the manufacturer and core.
      Thanks to anyone who might have a suggestion.