Roof issues, 3d roof


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I cannot get roof to work on right side of house to work out. . I would appreciate anyones help. 8:12 on for gable. rest of roofs are 4:12. Remodeling additional. dark shaded walls are new walls. 

Has to be kept in ver 12, because client wants to be able to pull up in chief 12. 

Thanks in advance.


Newell Cheatheam

Chief 12 

3d roof issues.jpg


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your long gable is at 4:12 across 72', this puts your roof height at 12' at the peak. you side hip (not connected) is 17' at 4:12. this gives you roughly 6' at the peak, so short 6', which can be seen in a cross section:


so to fix it, you would have to change the pitch of the hip, or build a wall


or run the gable all the way across





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