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This has been an issue for me for years.  When creating a "pony wall" for a split level, I need to align the exterior OSB with the exterior of the concrete foundation below it.  The only way I can accomplish something that works is to move the OSB to the 'main layer' but by doing this Chief makes me 'build platform to exterior of layer 'OSB'', which is not accurate.  I've tried using the foundation offset option to no avail, and I really want to get this right.  

Any suggestions?


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15 minutes ago, DeLayDesign said:

I've tried using the foundation offset option to no avail,


What problem are you finding with using foundation offset?


Here I offset by the thickness of the OSB. Framing is built wrong, but that's hopefully another problem.


Attaching a simple plan file will help others help you, and adding your Chief version to your signature is also helpful.





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When I tell it to offset it doesn't change, maybe because it's a pony wall and not listed as a 'foundation'?  So my only alignment options for the pony wall are exterior surface, interior surface, framing exterior etc...

I've always built split-levels on the first floor as a pony-wall 2x stud construction with 8" or 10" concrete as the lower half, then lowering the floor height as required.

From there I build the foundation and in the lowered split portion I tell the foundation to supply floor to rooms above and I raise the footing location to just below the slab (typically 4")  This allows me to show the foundation on all the same level when I put it on a layout.

Perhaps there is a better way?


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I could build it like what you see below.  Doing this Chief knows how to align it properly with the foundation... However doing it this way won't allow me to see the framing of the furred basement wall on my first floor plan, like I would by building it as a pony wall.



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