how to get attic wall to draw past lower gable roof


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I have a 4' bump out with a vaulted ceiling. Customer wants the upper gable to be on the same plane as the non bump out. So I built the bump out then added a half gable roof to create the lower gable, and then extended the little new half gable back into the house. All good, except there is no wall above the roof. I tried adding a atttic wall just inside the roof but...nothing, except it shows on the inside and stops at what looks like is the ceiling plane. Essentially I want the opposite behaviour where it draws the wall above the ceiling and not below. Anyone know what I am missing? I'm thinking this must be fairly common










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ok, forget it, found the setting for the attic wall "roof cuts wall at bottom".


But I also had to break the other perpendicular autogenerated attic wall, and then draw this attic wall through that one. Otherwise there was 4.5" of stud showing on the elevation


looks good now

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