changing the raise off top plate after roof is built, and manually edited


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This is all I found when searching the forum, but it is not the same but it is a similar theme:

Change Birdmouth Of Rafter After Roof Plane Is Built - General Q & A - ChiefTalk Forum (


I created a rectangular house and auto built a trussed gable roof with a 8:12 itch and a 16" energy heel using the "raise off plate" in the Build roofs dbx. All is good, section shows correct heel height.


. I then I edited the roof planes to change the ridge location:


I then changed the right side roof plane  ridge to match the left side, and locked it, which forced the pitch change on the right side.


All is good, including the section.



But now my customer wants a different heel height. 


I do not see a place to do it in the Edit all roof planes dbx.


And because the roof planes are now edited I cant put on the "auto rebuild" in the build roof dbx (Without it telling me it will remove my manually edited roofs)


Is there a way to change the heel height AFTER the roof planes have been edited? or do i have to rebuild the entire rood and redo the manual roof planes?





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thanks eric / @solver


for future finders of this post:


select roof planes

click on transform replicate object

check move

in the Z delta, specify an amount to move

check radio button "relative to itself"

click ok


force rebuild of truss

result moved up by 8" as specified



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