stairwell wall showing on elevation and couple other issues

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Dont laugh at the odd design, it's the owner's.


I auto built the roof planes, then moved them. I then created two ceiling planes to get more than 3.5" for the truss on the long angle, as one ceiling plane did not look like it would span a floor. Anyway all good, juts giving some background for some oddball things. The original plan was square, I moved out the entry wall to make the entry.


When I look at the right elevation, it shows the stairwell wall outline on the second floor(second pic below). I checked the walls on both floors and they seem like one wall, at least on the bathroom side, I did notice the two attic walls seem to be of different lengths. not sure why but that would seem to be a separate problem.


Anyway, when I go to select the outside wall in ortho camera, it selects the entire wall:


so why does it show the black line:??




framing overview, the wall looks "proper" to me or is it only supposed to build the wall for the floor. I took a look at the stairwell room and tried unchecking ceiling above , interestingly it removes the top floor ceiling when I do this for the main floor stairwell(I suppose because both are open to below rooms). regardless it did not change any thing.





any ideas on how to get rid of it?  both stair open to below rooms match adjacent rooms, unrelated I think are these other two attic walls being different lengths, does it matter?




thanksMichel 2.plan



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1 hour ago, solver said:

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uhm update it to what?


it already has:





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My mistake. I must of clicked on the wrong file -- one that was X13, so I thought yours was X13. I see now that it is not.

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thanks eric, that did it. the fascinating thing is I tried extednig that one wall over to the right to see if it would make a difference (hence my fiddling comment) , and it did not, but, when you take it all the way over to the right as you did, the black lines go away. Fascinating, I would have though the vertical black line would have moved with me extending the wall. This is what threw me off, I figured if the lines were not moving when I moved the wall then it must be something else


go figure, I just had to extend it to the end


the reason there is the drop at the front you mention is because the entry is 8'  while rest of main floor is 9', 8' is to accommodate truss depth coming down.


Am I right in having to draw two ceiling planes, one for the entry and one for the second floor? I tried one (built on the main floor extending to the bottom horizontal chord) and it did not work.(it would only show on the main floor)





trying to get this (which I did with 2 ceiling planes)



thanks again



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was there anything unusual you did?


i did this by brining it up and then breaking it, then dragging it to the bottom:



and got this...not sure what the little window in the ceiling plane is:




and this



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