List of X13 Currently available Libraries July 1st 2021

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Hi , here is my List of available Libraries as of July 1st. 2021, there are 410 Libraries with approx. (140) being Manufacturer  (9GB)

and the other (270)  being Bonus Libraries. ( 4.5GB )


*  There is no way to group download the Libraries , so you will need 3-4 hours if you want them all.....and about 1500 Clicks later you will :)


** After Installing the X13 Libraries above, be SURE to Run and a Library Catalog Update from Library Menu , as I found I would say 100+

had updated Files not available Via the direct download.


One way to know CA has new Libraries out is via the Monthly Newsletter, Featured Downloads are noted, though it does not have a comprehensive List.


- List was made in Excel > PDF with copy/paste if you want to do your own.... an easy way to make Webpages into PDFs




PDF :   X13 Libraries List - MHD.pdf

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I have found that many of the X13 Libraries for download were made in X12 ---- at least all but 9 Bonus Libraries Installed in X12 as well this week,

so there maybe no reason to re-download libraries you all ready have , just make sure to run an Update when done..





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