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As part of my offering to larger clients I service, I have a PE and Engineer Tech that work for me full time.  I've been considering offering these services outside my existing clients.  We're currently licensed in WA, OR, ID, ND, LA, and CO.  Depending on the scope and continuity of work we might be willing to license in other states.  We're not really looking for one-off clients, and we'd only work with fairly competent architects/designers/drafters out there that gives us "thoughtful" work-product (as in we don't want to figure everything out on how the structure is built).  If you can do that you might be amazed at the rates we can charge - but again, we'd be looking for streamlined approach for most the work we take on.


PM me if you have an interest in talking.  We work in Chief obviously (as well as Vectorworks, and now Archicad) - though most our engineering is provided in PDFs.  We have a process to provide digital or wet-stamped return product as needed.

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