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I'm a relatively new user and am working my way through the Bachelor View project after the Chic Cottage project disappeared. I'm at video 6, "Creating Rooms and Defining the Ceilings" but I noticed something funky going on with some of my walls from the foundation/basement showing up on the first floor. I'm sure part of the issue is that some of my wall heights/foundation/stem walls are off, but the videos don't show what my defaults should be set to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you! 


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Hi Eric,

Thanks for the advice. I did download the plan and figured out that it was an issue with the pony wall and its components. The stone layer on the exterior wall came in at a thickness of 4" instead of a veneer at 1 9/16" which is what is on the Bachelor View plan. I matched my layers and thicknesses on those walls to what is in the finished plan and that seems to have taken care of the issue. 

Thanks again!


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