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  1. Hi Eric, Thanks for the advice. I did download the plan and figured out that it was an issue with the pony wall and its components. The stone layer on the exterior wall came in at a thickness of 4" instead of a veneer at 1 9/16" which is what is on the Bachelor View plan. I matched my layers and thicknesses on those walls to what is in the finished plan and that seems to have taken care of the issue. Thanks again! ~Leanne
  2. I'm a relatively new user and am working my way through the Bachelor View project after the Chic Cottage project disappeared. I'm at video 6, "Creating Rooms and Defining the Ceilings" but I noticed something funky going on with some of my walls from the foundation/basement showing up on the first floor. I'm sure part of the issue is that some of my wall heights/foundation/stem walls are off, but the videos don't show what my defaults should be set to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  3. How could you do this to have the drawer be a small step stool? I'm designing a bathroom that will have kids using it, and have seen this done but I'm not sure how to modify the cabinet to do this.