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WOW.. I keep making it worse..

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Designing a small home. 20X30 with a 12X20 garage. I keep watching videos and I keep making things worse. 

Main house 20X30 Slab foundation. (actually it will be a block foundation below grade with a slab floor at living height) 16" tall 19.2" OC floor trusses, 20' for the mechanicals. The 12X20 garage attic area will be where the HVAC and HW heater are housed.  Garage ceiling/floor height is set to the bottom of the main house second floor trusses. This way it can utilize the floor trusses as a chase for all the HVAC and plumbing. 

I finally got the floor trusses done. Not perfect but they are placed. Now the main house roof will be trusses 24" OC and the garage roof will be stick framed. 2X8 roof 24" OC,  floor 2X8 16" OC perpendicular to main house and roof line parallel to main home. Going to make the attic conditioned space using R-19. Since its not living area I don't have to make it R-21 wall and R-40 ceiling. This will also need a set of pull down stairs. 

I just can't get this thing right. I'll watch a video and then try something, make it worse, delete the mistake and walk away.  

I can't get the roof trusses correct for the main home. It looks like I clipped a corner of the upper wall framing off... Some of the main home is ballon framed which I want (gable end walls and where the stairwell is.)

Anyone have a minute to take a look at what I am doing wrong? Not sure how to share the file. 

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