Can we have a Chief library accountant?

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I use to think that the "featured" libraries were the latest libraries and after a few weeks they moved into the regular libraries and new ones rolled back into the featured section. However I started to realize there a lot of not featured libraries that are new hidden in the libraries below. 


Case in point, in January I downloaded all libraries available in the entire library download dept. Then I have been staying up to date by checking every couple days for new featured ones.  Well today I clicked on lighting and noticed there were 4-5 new libraries, that werent there in January but werent on the "featured" section.


I wish we could just select check library button and it could tabulate what we have in our current libraries with whats on the entire chief website library and tell us what were missing.  This trying to keep up with the featured and latest isnt reliable.  


How do you all track your libraries and make sure they have all the available content?

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