Need Help Finishing Plans

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I've got a lot of the plan completed, just need someone to smooth out some details (framing, stairs, chimney) and look over it to make sure things look correct. Just a newbie designing our dream home. 



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Commonly some like me helps you complete the Architectural Plans. Depending where you live you may also be required by your local building authority to have a consulting State Licensed Structural Engineer to say what framing sizes, how framed, beam sizes, rafter sizes and so forth. So we take our Architectural plans, share them with the Engineer in AutoCAD file format and he or she then uses them as a basis for the Engineer drawings. Which are printed to paper, stamped  by the Engineer and the two finished sets then go together to the Permit Authority to gain a building permit (Architectural Plans and Structural Plans together). 


You need to find out what IS required locally and share that understanding with whomever then helps you with the Architectural plan set.



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