Hillside Screened In Deck / Stairway


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I am looking for a skilled Chief designer to take my topographical survey (a 45 degree hill with 90 feet of vertical fall - behind my home) and model the hill.  Then, design a deck and stairs that fit into the hill.  I'm also going to incorporate a tram.  I'm a semi-retired design/build contractor and while I am experienced in residential design, I'm not a solids modeling expert.  Recognizing that modeling the terrain is an essential beginning to this project, I'd appreciate collaborating with a chief expert.  So it's a 3-part project:  1)  Model the terrain  2)  Design a deck and stairs  3) Integrate removeable screen panels into the deck design.  I'll get a local engineer to design the frost footings and basic deck structure, so don't be concerned about structural knowledge. I'll provide inspiration photos to make the design communication work smoothly.  I have the AutoCad 3d topo file.   TIA

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