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  1. Assuming price and application knowledge is not an obstacle, what's the best software to use for creating symbols to then be used in Chief X12? SolidWorks? or ... Assuming price is somewhat of an obstacle, but application knowledge is present, what's the best software to use for creating Chief symbols? Fusion 360? or ... Sure there is Sketchup, however, thinking ahead and knowing that modification of a symbol will be needed, the ability to create components and then work in layers, enabling various derivatives of a symbol to be created - without always starting essentially from scr
  2. I am looking for a skilled Chief designer to take my topographical survey (a 45 degree hill with 90 feet of vertical fall - behind my home) and model the hill. Then, design a deck and stairs that fit into the hill. I'm also going to incorporate a tram. I'm a semi-retired design/build contractor and while I am experienced in residential design, I'm not a solids modeling expert. Recognizing that modeling the terrain is an essential beginning to this project, I'd appreciate collaborating with a chief expert. So it's a 3-part project: 1) Model the terrain 2) Design a deck and stairs 3) I