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Hey all, 

I was curious to know how hard it would be to have additional tile setup options or how does a person go about making that file? I have a mosaic tile that has 2 stone, 2 clear and 2 frosted glass colors, randomized, and when I go into photoshop and try to make it nothing lines up so was curious if this would be something I could do and manipulate the file or is this something you could do to the current file? please and thank you =). 

2020-10-18 15.03.54.jpg

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Hey Emily, The tile builder has a "Picket" option that kind of matches your shape and you might be able to get what you need from that, to dial in your specifics you'll have to...


1.  Export a "PICKET" tile from substance player and bring it into photoshop, you can use the BASE COLOR map to paint whatever stone or colors you want using the grout as a guide.  


2. Import your maps and newly colored BASE COLOR into chief and ROTATE it 90° so your picket is going left-to-right.  From there uncheck the "Keep Aspect Ratio" in your material dialogue and reduce the width of the texture to squish it closer to what you are after. 


It won't be exact but pretty close for a 30 second tile...Getting everything super exact exact would require a decent chunk of photoshop time.  Hope this helps, if you run into any snags let me know.






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